Rectifier for electroplating AproPower TI 2500/10

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Rectifier for electroplating AproPower TI 2500/10
The rectifier AproPower TI 2500/10 is designed to power supply plating baths, low-voltage consumers, sources of constant current or voltage. Control panel of the rectifier can be moved to a remote console, to up to 50m distance from the device.
The RS 485 output of the control block enables connection to integrated system for control of the technological process.

Nominal output current: 2500 A DC
Nominal output voltage: 10 V DC
Coefficient of pulsation MAX: 5%
Power supply voltage: 3N - 380V - 50Hz -10/+6%
Consumed power at MAX load: 27 kVA
Smooth regulation of output current: from 0 to Iном
Voltage or current regulation: selectable
Cooling: air
Protection: overheating
Remote control RS 485: option