Continuous DC power supply AproPower ACC-130/10

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Continuous DC power supply AproPower ACC-130/10
Power supply block AproPower ACC-130/10 is designed for power supply of information devices, operating with direct current from 90 to 140 V DC, supplied in parallel by accumulator battery. The power supply block monitors charging and discharging of battery. The load is always connected to the accumulator battery, so that in case of electric shock or power failure, all devices connected to the supply circuit of AproPower ACC-130/10 remain power supplied until the battery is discharged. There is an in-built TelNet server in the power supply block AproPower ACC-130/10, which enables connection to IntraNet (Internet) for remote monitoring of operation.

Power supply voltage: 400 VAC 50Hz
MAX input power: 2000 W
Nominal output voltage: 130 V DC
Type of charging accumulators: lead
Nominal current of the load: 8 A
MAX current for charging connected accumulator battery: 10 A