Ultrasonic cleaner for blinds cleaning

Product inquiry
SOOONIC ® ultrasonic cleaner type USC 1022 Blinds is designer for cleaning of blinds.
The ultrasonic cleaner USC 1022 Blinds, produced under SOOONIC® trademark is designed for cleaning of all types of blinds. The equipment consists of two cleaning containers, an ultrasonic generator, mounted in a cabinet inside the cleaner, immersible ultrasonic transducers, timer, heater and a movable holder for hanging the cleaned blinds. The application of the ultrasonic technology in blinds cleaning guarantees high-quality, contactless cleaning in short time.

Power supply voltage: 220V ±10% АС, 50 Hz
Power consumption: 4500 W
Output HF power: 1200 W
Operating frequency: 40 kHz
Power of the heater: 2,4 kW
Timer for setting up cleaning time: up to 270 min
Temperature controller: up to 100°С
Capacity of cleaner: 250 L
Dimensions of cleaner LxWxH: 2000х200х500 mm
Overall dimensions LxWxH: 2237х650х1623 mm