Middle frequency generator AproPower 10/4

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Middle frequency generator AproPower 10/4
Middle frequency converter AproPower 10/4 is designed for induction heating of magnetic and non-magnetic metals and alloys. The generator is applicable for fast and effective heating of details intended for plastic deformation. The generator can also be used to power supply induction furnaces for melting of metals.

Frequency range: 2-6 kHz
Output voltage: 600 V
Power supply voltage: 3N – 380V – 50Hz -10/+6%
Input power at MAX load: 11.5 kVA
Power regulation: 10÷100%
Power setting: by potentiometer
ON/OFF cycle control: programmable timer (option)
Protections: current, voltage, load's frequency, overheating,
: cooling
MAX water consumption: 8 l/min
Overall dimensions: 1400 x 600 x 450 mm