Induction melter AproPower 1G
The induction melter AproPower 1G is designed for melting of metals such as gold, silver, copper and copper alloys in air. The induction melting of these types of metals is performed indirectly in a graphite crucible. It is provided to fire a torch above the crucible or introduce inert gas around it in order to avoid active oxidation.
There is a highly effective semiconductor induction generator with micro-processor control, built in AproPower 1G. A thermometer displaying the temperature at the bottom of the crucible is mounted on the control panel.

Power supply: 1N – 220V – 50Hz -10/+6%
MAX power consumption: 4 kVA
Overall dimensions (w х h х l): 585 x 880 x 585 mm
Cooling water flow: min 10 l/min
Pressure: max 6 Bar
Differential pressure: min 3.5 Bar
Temperature: min above dew point, max. 30ºC
Conductivity: max 600 μS
Purity of cooling water: max 200ppm (9º dH)