Induction brazing generator AproPower 6/100

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Induction brazing generator AproPower 6/100
Brazing is a process of connecting two or more materials to each other by means of a filling material (braze), with a lower melting point, compared to the connected materials. During the melting process the braze fills gaps and brazes the materials to each other. The most effective method of brazing is by using the induction heating technology. The metal parts are placed in an electromagnetic field and are heated to a temperature of melting the braze (filling material), which enters the gaps between the brazing parts. Additional quantity of brazing material can be added after melting, if necessary.
High-frequency brazing is applicable for metals. Magnetic materials are heated much better than non-magnetic. When brazing ceramic or non-conductive materials, heating is indirect, from the metal brazing parts.
Brazing details are placed in a specially designed inductor, so that the magnetic field can heat the brazing parts to the temperature of melting the braze.

Power supply: 1N – 220V / 50Hz
MAX power consumption: 6 kVA
HF power of generator: 5 kW
Operating frequency: 100 ÷ 160 kHz
IP protection: IP 54
IP protection of heating module: IP 20
Nominal water consumption (option): 5 l/min
Overall dimensions of generator (w х h х l): 500 x 750 x 250 mm
Overall dimensions of heating module (w х h х l): 300 x 500 x 200 mm