HF Machine for surface hardening of rails AproPower GH 160/10

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HF Machine for surface hardening AproPower GH 160/10
AproPower GH 160/10 is a machine for surface hardening of details with high frequency current. The machine is designed for hardening of round and flat rails; details up to Ф300 and length L = 3000. AproPower GH 160/10 is supplied with a generator 160kW, frequency 10kHz, made on IGBT transistors.
The workbench of the machine allows fixing of two types of rail: flat rails with sizes up to 400 × 400 x 3000 mm; round rails from Ф40 mm to Ф300 mm and lengths up to L = 3000 mm; different types of details that are fixed to the workbench by a special appliance, or between centers.

Power supply: 3N 380V -5% +10% / 50Hz
MAX power consumption: 20 kVA
HF power of the generator: 160 kW / 10 kHz
HF output voltage: 600 Vef
Power factor of generator: 0.95
Operating frequency of generator: 6 to 12 kHz
MAX hardening rate: 100 mm/min
MIN hardening rate: 20 mm/min
Nominal water consumption (option): 30 l/min
Overall dimensions (w х h х l): 7000 х 4000 х 2200 mm
Weight: approx. 6000 kg