Mobile ultrasonic equipment MSCE

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Mobile ultrasonic cleaning equipment for an existent container.
The mobile equipment for ultrasonic cleaning MSCE, produced under SOOONIC® trademark, is designed for cleaning of different types of details in existent containers. The equipment consists of ultrasonic generator type SG.X00.HpP and immersible ultrasonic transducer. Depending on its power the equipment can be used with containers of different sizes as the standard systems are designed for volumes between 50 and 100 litters.

MSCE 200 MSCE 300 MSCE 600
Effective volume of the container up to 50 L up to 75 L up to 150 L
Power 200 W 300 W 600 W
Frequency 28/40 kHz 28/40 kHz 28/40 kHz

EUR 1176