Machine for surface hardening of gear-box details AproPower 200H

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Machine for surface hardening of details AproPower 200H
AproPower 200H is a complex machine for surface induction hardening of details with high frequency current. The machine is specially designed for hardening of details for the automotive industry as forks, sliders, limiters, gears etc., for the gearboxes of Fiat and Alfa cars.
AproPower 200H is built of the following functional blocks:
- Working rotary table with four positions;
- Two middle-frequency generators built on MOSFET transistors, each with power 20 kW / 200kHz;
- Machine control block built on Simatic;
- Two cooling systems with closed-loop cycle, built on water/freon coolers
- Cooling system for the generators, the inductors and the heating module;
- Cooling system for the hardening liquid;
The hardening process can be controlled automatically, semi-automatically or manually.

Power supply: 3N 380V -5% +10% / 50Hz
MAX power consumption: 45 kVA
HF power of generators: 20 kW / 200 kHz
Power factor of generators: 0.95
Operating frequency of generators: 100 to 200 kHz
MAX hardening rate: 20-30 pcs/min
Overall dimensions (w х h х l): 6000 х 4000 х 2000 mm
Weight: approx. 1000 kg