Control of excitation of synchronous motors

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Control of excitation of synchronous motors
The control system is intended for replacement and reconstruction of the existing conventional control units.
The new control system is built on up-to-date elements, available for a long period. The programmable structure of its built-in controllers allows adapting to production's special features, experience and practice of the company's specialists. This could be done at the time of starting the system as well as during its operation. So, the whole system could be modernized by stages in a long period of time and at a low price. This allows building of a homogeneous system, regardless of the construction time.
We offer two design solutions: First is to build a new exciting unit to replace the existing one. Second solution is to build a new control block and reconstruct the existing exciting unit.
The excitation control system is mounted in the same cabinet with the exciting unit or in a separate metal cabinet (in case of reconstruction) with protection degree IP65 and dimensions 400 x 500 x 200. There is a display, mounted on cabinet's door for indication of the current values of exciting current, cos fi, lamp for switched on power supply, test switch and restore button.
There is a second letter-digital display inside the cabinet, with two lines of 16 digits each and eight buttons for monitoring all values and setting all system parameters. After entering password, the operator can also reset parameters, related to the scaling of currents and voltages and also the phase error of cos fi measurement.