Ultrasonic generators type HpP

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Ultrasonic generators for building-into systems

The ultrasonic generators type SG xx00 HpP (High Peak Power) are designed to power supply piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers. The generator is enclosed in a metal housing with IP20 degree of protection and is intended for installation in equipment with degree of protection IP54 or higher.
The ultrasonic generator type SG xx00 HpP (High Peak Power) are designed by Apronecs Ltd based on a developed and improved ultrasonic technology. The ultrasonic HpP technology ensures high-frequency ultrasonic oscillations without dead zones. It provides power supply of multy-resonant as well as single-resonant piezoelectric acoustic loads. The generators type SG nn00 HpP cover wide range of application of ultrasonic technologies in the field of Ultrasonic cleaning, sonochemical processes, ultrasonic welding of plastics and metals, cutting, bonding and ultrasonic sewing of textiles.
You can find preliminary version of user manual for this product here.
You can the software for PC connection of generators here.

Description SG 300 HpP SG 600 HpP SG 1200 HpP
Power supply 86V~265VAC 50Hz-60Hz 86V~265VAC 50Hz-60Hz 86V~265VAC 50Hz-60Hz
MAX input power 400W 700W 1300W
Ultrasonic output power 300W 600W 1200W
Frequency range 18~86 kHz 18~86 kHz 18~86 kHz
Peak ultrasonic power 1200W 2500W 5000W
Output voltage 300 to 800Vrms 300 to 800Vrms 300 to 800Vrms
Overall dimensions WxLxH 300х150х200 350×170x220 160×430x260
Diagram dimensions 2D dimensions 2D dimensions 2D