Ultrasonic generator modules for building-into systems

These are power supplies for acoustic piezoelectric loads with powers 150W, 300W, 600W and 1200W. For maximum correspondence to/satisfaction of customer requirements the frequency range of generator modules up to 600W is from 19kHz to 46kHz. Modules with 1200W power are divided in two frequency ranges – LF form 19kHz to 35kHz and HF from 28kHz to 46kHz.

Parameter setting of ultrasonic generator modules is available via hand-held remote control unit or PC software. Piezoelectric acoustic loads of different type and with different power can be connected to generator's output. Adjustment is easy and does not require special equipment. Chokes of ultrasonic generator modules are adjustable, which allows easy replacement of the acoustic load.


Description SG1200c SG600c SG300c SG150c
Power supply 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz
MAX input power 1300W 660W 330W 160W
Ultrasonic output power 600-1200W 300-600W 150-300W 50-150W
Ultrasonic peak power up to 6000W up to 3000W up to 1500W up to 500W
Ultrasonic frequency 19-46 kHz 19-46 kHz 19-46 kHz 28/40 kHz
Piezoelectric load 30-60 nf 19-58 nf 8,5-28 nf 7-11 nf
Overall dimensions WxLxH 160×400x230 160×280x230 160×200x130 180×120x60