Outdoor lights controller AproLink 2642 OL

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Special outdoor lights controller AproLink 2642 OL
AproLink® 2642 OL is designed for energy-efficient control of street lighting, garden lighting, show-case lights, billboard lights, building lights, etc., which has to be turned on every day at sunset and turned-off at sunrise.
Outdoor lights controller AproLink® 2642 OL is equipped with built-in electronic quartz stabilized clock. There is also a built-in table to calculate the time of sunset and sunrise for each day of the calendar year. The timing of sunrise and sunset is calculated according to solar equations to within 5 minutes. The controller enables correction setting because of the differences of sunrise and sunset in different geographical regions. The controller has two output relays for control of two circuits, which are called permanent zone and economic zone. The relay of the permanent zone is switched on during nighttime, while relay of the economic zone is switched on for several hours after sunset and before sunrise. There are several periods preset in the controller, such as Christmas, New Year the period around May 24, and other optional, when the economical zone is switched on all night. AproLink® 2642 OL is with 5 years warranty.

Power supply: 230V 50Hz
Power consumption: 2 W
Warranty period of battery: 5 years
Load capacity of output relays: 5A 250VAC at Cos (φ) = 1
Overall dimensions: 60 x 60 x 45 mm
Mounting: 35mm DIN rail

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