Temperature control systems for injection molding TCS

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Temperature control systems TCS
TCS systems are designed for temperature control of equipment for injection moulding of plastics. The systems are built of different number of temperature controllers, depending of the number of required input channels. Each temperature controller installed in the system is equipped with two outputs and one Input, which are galvanically separated. Temperature controllers are galvanically separated from one another, allowing power-supply of all types of integrated and non-integrated heating cartridges. Important feature of each temperature controller is the semiconductor relay output for switching the heating element. All controllers are protected – there is a failure indication in case of input or output disconnection.
Different modifications with different number of input channels are offered according to customer's requirements.


TYPE TCS 4ch TCS 8ch TCS 12ch
Number of input channels 4 8 12
Power supply 220V 50Hz 220V 50Hz 220V 50Hz
Max. input power 3 kW 4 kW 5 kW
Temperature range from 0 to 500 оС from 0 to 500 оС from 0 to 500 оС
Termo couple type J type J type J
Control mode Two-position, relay output Two-position, relay output Two-position, relay output
Ambient temperature 0 – 45 оС 0 – 45 оС 0 – 45 оС
Overall dimensions 400 х 280 х 150 mm 500 x 500 x 200 mm 500 x 490 x 290 mm
Weight 13 kg 16 kg 20 kg

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