AproLink industrial network for control of technological devices

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AproLink industrial network
AproLink® is a range of intelligent controllers and software with option to be connected in industrial network, exchanging data through two-wire bus RS485. All AproLink® controllers can be remote controlled by means of commands, described in ASCII format. All controllers are independent, designed or adjusted for solving specific technological problems and can operate independently from the network or from the main computer. Some modules are peripheral devices and can collect or display digital or analog information.
Software and adjustment
The AproLink ® modules are designed on the Plug & Play technology and can be connected to the network without presetting. You can select the location of the module in the network, set its range or set new parameters if it has a built-in regulator. All initializing information is stored in non-volatile memory. It allows repeated readjustment of each module by its software.
RS-485 - Network
The RS-485 semiduplex two-wire bus allows that AproLink ® modules are mounted right next to the sensors and the actuators of technological line. Their maximum number is 2000.
AproLink®modules are connected to computer through AproLink ® 232/485 adapter or USB-485 to free communication port.