Electronic protection DCCB 1442

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DCCB 1442 Electronic protection for DC power supply lines
The electronic key-protection is designed for mounting in panels with communication equipment, which is DC power supplied.
The device is intended to protect the power supply source from short circuits in power supply cables, caused by smashing or cutting by heavy machines.
The DCCB 1442 Electronic protection enables reservation of the whole communication system so that the power supply is not cut off. Smashing, cutting or short circuit of one power supply cable does not disconnect the power supply of the communication system.

Nom. commutated current: 25А DC
Commutated supply voltage: 60 to 150 V DC
Power loss at 25А: less than 100 W
Cooling: air
IP degree of protection: IP20
Overall dimensions: 70 х 150 х 130 mm