Machine for hardening the teeth of band saw blades AproPower BH 25/100

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Hardening machine AproPower BH 25/100
The hardening machine AproPower BH 25/100  is designed for surface hardening of band saw blades by using HF current. Hardening treatment is applied only on the teeth of the band saw blades, in order to increase the hardness and durability, without disturbing the flexibility of the material.
The hardening machine is intended for band saw blades with width from 25mm to 100mm, thickness from 0,6 to 1,2mm and length from 3m to 10m.
Cooling systems for the generator and for the hardening liquid are offered as an option.

Power supply: 1N 220V / 50Hz
MAX power consumption: 7 kVA
HF power of generator: 6 kW
MAX hardening rate: 6 m/min
Operating frequency of generator: 100 -200 кHz
IP protection of cabinets: IP54
IP protection of hardening transformer: IP20
Nominal water consumption (option): 5 l/min
Overall dimensions (w х h х l): 4500х1500х2200
Weight: 250кг