Ultrasonic cleaners for injection nozzles and carburettors

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Ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning injection nozzles and carburettors

The ultrasonic cleaners types SCT 2/100inj, SCTN 3/100inj и SCTN 5/100inj are equipped with an appliance for cleaning injection nozzles and carburateurs.

The appliance consists of a holder, power supply, commutator and cable with connectors for the injection nozzles. The commutator opens ans closes the injection nozzles during the cleaning process to ensure best cleaning results. The appliance for cleaning injection nozzles and carburettors is started by switching the left main switch for model SCT 2/100inj or the switch INJ for models SCTN 3/100inj and SCTN 5/150inj.

Cleaners type SCTN 3/100inj and SCTN 5/150inj are delivered with an immersible basket for placing the cleaned details. For cleaner type SCT 2/100inj the immersible basket is offered as an option.

TYPE Capacity Power Frequency Container dimensions (L х W х H) mm Overall dimensions
SCT 2/100 inj 2 litters 100W 40 kHz 220x120x100 270x190x220
SCТN 3/100 inj 3 litters 100W 40 kHz 200x200x100 250x250x270
SCТN 5/150 inj 5 litters 150W 40 kHz 245x200x130 310x260x285