Ultrasonic cleaners type SCT

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SOOONIC® ultrasonic cleaners type SCT
The ultrasonic cleaners type SCT are equipped with a timer for setting up cleaning time. The timer enables setting of the following operation times: 1,2,5,10 and 18 minutes. When the set time expires, the cleaner is turned off.
The cleaners with effective capacity above three litters are delivered with an immersible basket for placing the cleaned details. The cleaners with effective capacity from 0,8 litters to 2 litters can also be equipped with an immersible basket or a cup-holder for placing standard plastic cups.

Different accessories for easy fixing of cleaned details inside the cleaning liquid are offered as an option.


TYPE Capacity Power Frequency Container dimensions (L х W х H) mm Overall dimensions
SCТ 0,8/50 0,8 litters 50 W 40 kHz 130x70x100 (L х W х H) mm
SCТ 1/50 1 litter 50 W 40 kHz 220x120x50 270x190x190
SCТ 1,5/50 1,5 litter 50 W 40 kHz 120x110x150 180x180x280
SCТ 2/100 2 litters 100W 40 kHz 220x120x100 270x190x220
SCТ 4/100 4 litters 100W 28 kHz 200x100x200 250x170x420
SCТ 8/250 8 litters 250W 40 kHz 400x150x100 450x260x370
SCT 12/300 12 litters 300W 28 kHz 320x300x150 370x380x370
SCT 14/200 14 litters 200 W 28 kHz 300x200x280 360x300x410
SCT 15/300 15 litters 300W 28 kHz 250x250x300 300 x 330 x 430
SCT 25/300 25 litters 300W 28 kHz 350x350x220 430x430x460
SCT 36/300 36 litters 300W 28 kHz 350x350x320 500x480x650
SCT 62/600 62 litters 600W 28 kHz 500x500x250 600x620x500