Muffle furnace AproTerm 33L
The muffle furnace AproTerm 33L is designed for laboratory or industrial heat treatment of materials. The muffle is built of high-temperature ceramic elements with in-built heaters. The muffle furnace is equipped with a special temperature controller which allows setting of five different programs for the heating process. Each program enables setting of five temperature zones, each of them with heating or cooling time and time to maintain the set temperature. The temperature controller stores the programs after the power supply voltage is switched off. Heaters of the muffle furnace are connected after semiconductor switches for soft switching on and off. This extends the life of the heating elements. Door opening mechanism of the furnace is designed to ensure maximum safety for the operator.

Power supply voltage: 3P+N+PE 380V 50 Hz
Power consumption: 12 kW
Temperature range: from 100 to 1100 оС
MAX temperature: 1200 оС
Temperature controller: profile, five zones
Thermocouple: type K
Regulation mode: PID
Muffle dimensions: 520 х 300 х 206 mm
Overall dimensions: 900 х 900 х 600 mm
Weight: 160 kg

EUR 6725