Electric resistance furnace AproTerm M2000

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Electric resistance furnace AproTerm M2000
The electric resistance furnace AproTerm M2000 is designed for technological processing of metal and non-metal materials requiring temperature up to 500 oC. AproTerm M2000 features a trolley floor, which allows processing of material or equipment with dimensions 1000 x 1000 x 2000 mm and distributed load up to 1500 kg. The heaters in the chamber are open, distributed on both sides. The process is controlled by a PLC and registered in controller's memory.
The advantages of the electric resistance furnace AproTerm M2000 are:
• Uniform volume heating of the whole detail;
• Processing of large-sized details and assemblies;
• Drying and firing lacquer covering, impregnation of electro-motors, electric materials and transformers;
• A second moveable thermocouple for monitoring and control;
• Process recording in non-volatile memory, which allows registering and traceability;
• Digital graphic display for user operation.

Power supply voltage: 3P+N+PE 380V 50Hz
MAX power consumption: 60 kW
Temperature range: from 0 оС to 500 оС
Accuracy of temperature control: 1%
Temperature sensors: 2 pcs type J
Control algorithm: PID
Chamber dimensions LxWxH: 2000 х 1000 х 1000 mm
Operating temperature: 0 - 55 оС
Humidity: up to 80% RH
Overall dimensions of the furnace LxWxH: 3100 х 1800 х 2100 mm
Overall dimensions with railway LxWxH: 6300 х 1800 х 2100 mm
Weight: 5000 kg